I’m not a very nice person (and I don’t care).

That is a grossly sweeping statement, I know. To just go off topic for a second here, I always laugh to myself  when I say or type or think “sweeping statement” because my secondary school Psychology teacher used to dramatically exclaim that my not so internal dialogue of how much I hated school was ridiculous and that I “should not make such sweeping statements”. Yeah, theres an anecdote that nobody cares about. Whoops. Anyways, it’s true and I don’t care. Like really, just don’t care so I suppose now is the best time to let you all know so you can decide if you would still like to interact with me.  Continue reading

Dear Diary…

I feel shit. I mean, I have felt like this before and I’m sure I will again but goddamnit, it sucks. The worst part is that I’ve said I feel like shit but actually I don’t really feel anything at all.  Continue reading

10 Things I Know To Be True, Right At This Second!

Sometimes when I am having a shit day mentally and I feel like the whole world is caving in on me, I forget that there are good things around me. I am having one of those days so here I am, talking about 10 good things I know to be true, right at this second. Bear with me, this might take me a while (I am staring it at 19:27pm – and no I am not organised with upload times or dates or anything so if this goes up at 3am then that’s when it bloody goes up!).

Continue reading